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Baan Thai

  • Baan Thai
  • [phone]

This is by far the hottest Thai food I have ever had.  Medium and is extra hot, hot is brutal and Extra hot is food challenge hot.  The staff go out of there way to warn you, as they should.  If coughing, hiccups and digestive distress are a good time, this is for you.  Is this a negative review you ask?  No!  II love it!  It is what you want spicy Thai to be.  Great job Baan Thai!small>

M & P Thai

  • 836 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR, United States
  • distance: 166 Miles
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This place was highly rated and highly recommenefed in Newport Oregon so I picked up a menu. First thing I noticed was you could pick spice level from mild to Thai style.  I had heard that Thai style was as hot as you could get it at some places, and at least here it was true!!  To start my wife accidently thought my Thai style drunken noodle was her Pad Thai and she about died.  I can see why, this is not for the lite hearted.  20 minutes later as I write this I am still small>

Mt Angel Sausage Co. 4 Alarm Fire Haus Brat

  • 105 so garfield street
  • distance: 107 Miles
  • [phone]

A German restaurant and sausage company with easily the spiciest sausage I have every had.  Quite honestly one of the spicier things I have had in Oregon.  My wife, who is no light weight with spicy food, was sent running to the kitchen for milk.  We brought them home, boiled them and made regular hot-dogs on buns with jalapenos and onions.  It was really hot.  I ate two, but only because I didn't want the cooked ones go to waste.  One was enough, and my stomache was warm for some time aftsmall>

Sweet Creek Salsa

  • Elmira, OR, United States
  • distance: 139 Miles
  • [phone]

This is a really solid Oregon Salsa. It is not super hot but the Hot version of this Organic salsa is awesome for anything you need Salsa smothered on like eggs, nachos etc.  The taste is also very good!small>

Don Pepe's

  • Don Pepe's Fresh Mexican Food, Main Street, Oregon City, OR, United States
  • distance: 106 Miles
  • [phone]

So normally when you see a salsa labeled "dangerously hot" you assume it won't be all that hot, and likely just have a few extra jalapenos, but at Don Pepe's they take a slightly different approach.  How about a bowl of pickled habaneros and onions!!  So the pickling cooled it down a bit but it was legitimately extra hot.  Couple it wsmall>

Coqui Fire - Ultimate Dragon Sauce

  • Peurto Rico
  • [phone]

One of my employees brought me this stuff back from her trip to Puerto Rico.  I was excited to try something I could not buy off the shelf.  It was ranked at Level 15 which is there spiciest.  They also claim there are no Coqui (Frog) parts in it... One Tablespoon in 1 Cup-of-Noodle and I was hurtin for certain!  This stuff is hot.  I think it is delicious but the numbness of my mouth is making it hard to tell.  I call that a win!small>


  • Esan Thai, Southwest 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR, United States
  • distance: 114 Miles
  • [phone]

Great little Thai place that will make it extra extra hot if you ask. The Pineapple fried rice is the best, and is served in a half pineapple. Best spicy Thai food I have had so far in Portland, Or.small>

Trader Joes Smoked Ghost Chili Grinder

  • Trader Joes
  • [phone]

Fair warning, this stuff is really spicy especially if you use too much of it. I've been using about 5 to 10 grinds in a pound of taco meat and it increases the spiciness dramatically. About two or three in a bowl of chili makes it hot enough for the spiciest food lover out there. What's fantastic is that it has a really great taste. I wouldn't recommend it in something where it can't be mixed in as the flakes themselves are extremely hot. For example it wouldn't be good on a small>

Chorizo Habanero Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Dip

  • 97068
  • [phone]

I sort of Frankensteined a couple good recipes into this awesome hot recipe.Ingredients:1 pound pork chorizo3 Habaneros seeded and chopped ( gloves)6 Jalapenos seeded and chopped (gloves)2 can of diced tomatoes with peppers2 package of cream cheese1.  Cook Chorizo until done2.  Add all ingredients to slow cooker, cook on high 4 hours, stir freqently at first.small>

Savory Ghost Pepper Salt

  • Savory Spice Shop, Southeast 13th Avenue, Portland, OR, United States
  • distance: 113 Miles
  • [phone]

Ok this stuff is hot and really unique.  I get it from Savory Spices in Sellwood, OR.  It is Ghost Pepper, Salt and Chocolate extract.  This stuff is great to use in place of salt, but it has some heat if you get carried away!small>

Famous Daves

  • Famous Dave’s
  • [phone]

Really good food and lots off it.  I got Boneless wings cooked in Wilburs Revenge, which is there hottest habanero BBQ sauce.  It is pretty hot especially in large amounts.  I would say way too hot for an amateur Pepper Head and about medium for the more experienced.  You can get your fill in a fun place, and a nice change from the more traditional Mexican and Thai spicy options.small>

Secret Aardvark Sauce

  • Portland, OR, United States
  • distance: 115 Miles
  • [phone]

I love this stuff!  Ok its mot really super hot, but for the spicy food lover it is about as good as it gets on a Chorizo and egg burrito for breakfast.  And its a company local to me.  Check them out!>

The Crazy Pepper

  • Crazy Pepper, 4th Street, Hood River, OR, United States
  • distance: 83 Miles
  • [phone]

We just ate at the Crazy Pepper in Hood River Oregon. The food was absolutely delicious!  We sampled the different salsas and the Habanero/Peach had a great slow burn with a little bit of sweet.  You can order anything on the menu in hot extra hot, or extra extra hot. I ordered the big Carnitas burrito extra extra hot and then put some of the habanero peach salsa on the top. It was absolutely delicious I can't stress how high the quality of the food was at this place. Also the service small>