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Recently Added Businesses

M & P Thai

  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    972 user views 0 reviews

This place was highly rated and highly recommenefed in Newport Oregon so I picked up a menu. First thing I noticed was you could pick spice level from mild to Thai style.  I had heard that Tha

  distance: 166 Miles

Trader Joes Smoked Ghost Chili Grinder

  • Heat Level - 4 - Oh My!

    1,491 user views 0 reviews

Fair warning, this stuff is really spicy especially if you use too much of it. I've been using about 5 to 10 grinds in a pound of taco meat and it increases the spiciness dramatically. About two or th


Mt Angel Sausage Co. 4 Alarm Fire Haus Brat

  • Heat Level - 4 - Oh My!

    653 user views 0 reviews

A German restaurant and sausage company with easily the spiciest sausage I have every had.  Quite honestly one of the spicier things I have had in Oregon.  My wife, who is no light weight with spicy

,   distance: 107 Miles

Don Pepe's

  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    1,481 user views 0 reviews

So normally when you see a salsa labele

   distance: 106 Miles

Sweet Creek Salsa

  • Heat Level - 2 - Hot

    1,000 user views 0 reviews

This is a really solid Oregon Salsa. It is not super hot but the Hot version of this Organic salsa is awesome for anything you need Salsa smothered on like eggs, nachos etc.  The taste is also very g

   distance: 139 Miles

Savory Ghost Pepper Salt

  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    1,155 user views 0 reviews

Ok this stuff is hot and really unique.  I get it from Savory Spices in Sellwood, OR.  It is Ghost Pepper, Salt and Chocolate extract.  This stuff is great to use in place of salt, but

   distance: 113 Miles

The Crazy Pepper

  • Heat Level - 2 - Hot

    1,534 user views 1 reviews

We just ate at the Crazy Pepper in Hood River Oregon. The food was absolutely delicious!  We sampled the different salsas and the Habanero/Peach had a great slow burn with a little bit of sweet.

    distance: 83 Miles

Chorizo Habanero Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Dip

  • Heat Level - 2 - Hot

    438 user views 0 reviews

I sort of Frankensteined a couple good recipes into this awesome hot recipe.Ingredients:1 pound pork chorizo3 Habaneros seeded and chopped ( gloves)

The Blog
  • Pepper Pro is Back online

    August 3, 2017

    I’m happy to say that the Pepper Pro is back online :-). We’ve had some exciting things going on and I haven’t had an opportunity to Post online for a while. But I have had an opportunity to try some amazing spicy things and I’m excited to share!  

  • The Spicy Scale Explained

    March 22, 2015

    Photo courtesy of IAN RANSLEY DESIGN + ILLUSTRATION(CC Attribution) Everyone’s spicy is a little different.  Some people can drink habanero salsa like its water, and some people get sweaty with a little extra chili powder.  For my part, I can handle the heat, have tried a couple eating challenge rated foods, and for the most […]

  • We added Hot & Spicy Products for fun!

    March 18, 2015

    Photo courtesy of sporkist(CC Attribution) “Can we add Hot Sauce” We decided to add a category for spicy products to the site.  I didn’t add it originally because there are so many great sites that specialize in it like and for example.  In fact those are the sites I use to find […]

  • The spicy food in Portland Oregon

    March 17, 2015

    Photo courtesy of JoeInSouthernCA(CC No Derivatives) Portland has great spicy food, and just great food! On my path to building, I worked my way around Portland trying some of the best food in town.  Not all of it was hot, but most of it was great food!  Portland is a great place to live for […]