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Coqui Fire - Ultimate Dragon Sauce

  • Heat Level - 4 - Oh My!

    872 user views 0 reviews

One of my employees brought me this stuff back from her trip to Puerto Rico.  I was excited to try something I could not buy off the shelf.  It was ranked at Level 15 which is there spiciest.  They



  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    1,624 user views 1 reviews

Great little Thai place that will make it extra extra hot if you ask. The Pineapple fried rice is the best, and is served in a half pineapple. Best spicy Thai food I have had so far in Portland, Or.

  distance: 114 Miles

Chorizo Habanero Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Dip

  • Heat Level - 2 - Hot

    551 user views 0 reviews

I sort of Frankensteined a couple good recipes into this awesome hot recipe.Ingredients:1 pound pork chorizo3 Habaneros seeded and chopped ( gloves)


Baan Thai

  • Heat Level - 4 - Oh My!

    556 user views 0 reviews

This is by far the hottest Thai food I have ever had.  Medium and is extra hot, hot is brutal and Extra hot is food challenge hot.  The staff go out of there way to warn you, as they should.  If co


Famous Daves

  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    497 user views 0 reviews

Really good food and lots off it.  I got Boneless wings cooked in Wilburs Revenge, which is there hottest habanero BBQ sauce.  It is pretty hot especially in large amounts.  I would say


Don Pepe's

  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    1,579 user views 0 reviews

So normally when you see a salsa labele

   distance: 106 Miles

Mt Angel Sausage Co. 4 Alarm Fire Haus Brat

  • Heat Level - 4 - Oh My!

    777 user views 0 reviews

A German restaurant and sausage company with easily the spiciest sausage I have every had.  Quite honestly one of the spicier things I have had in Oregon.  My wife, who is no light weight with spicy

,   distance: 107 Miles

Savory Ghost Pepper Salt

  • Heat Level - 3 - Really Hot

    1,278 user views 0 reviews

Ok this stuff is hot and really unique.  I get it from Savory Spices in Sellwood, OR.  It is Ghost Pepper, Salt and Chocolate extract.  This stuff is great to use in place of salt, but

   distance: 113 Miles