About Us

PepperPros.com is a website for people who love hot & spicy food. For those of us who have been asking for it extra hot every time we go out to eat, and are tired that the results always vary.

Or maybe for the person who decides to cook something at home that satisfies their hot desire? Staying up all night searching the web for hot and spicy recipes only to find that one persons hot is barley spicy and some peoples spicy just means extra chili powder..

So I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, and PepperPros.com was born. The place on the web to post and find hot spots and recipes. It’s easy, go to a restaurant, ask for it hot (or extra hot), and post it with a picture (a picture of the food, the restaurant or you sweating will work), give us a little info and rate it. It is just that easy. While your there search for some close by places with crazy hot food!