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Don Pepe's

  • Don Pepe's Fresh Mexican Food, Main Street, Oregon City, OR, United States
  • distance: 106 Miles
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So normally when you see a salsa labeled "dangerously hot" you assume it won't be all that hot, and likely just have a few extra jalapenos, but at Don Pepe's they take a slightly different approach.  How about a bowl of pickled habaneros and onions!!  So the pickling cooled it down a bit but it was legitimately extra hot.  Couple it wsmall>

The Crazy Pepper

  • Crazy Pepper, 4th Street, Hood River, OR, United States
  • distance: 83 Miles
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We just ate at the Crazy Pepper in Hood River Oregon. The food was absolutely delicious!  We sampled the different salsas and the Habanero/Peach had a great slow burn with a little bit of sweet.  You can order anything on the menu in hot extra hot, or extra extra hot. I ordered the big Carnitas burrito extra extra hot and then put some of the habanero peach salsa on the top. It was absolutely delicious I can't stress how high the quality of the food was at this place. Also the service small>

Secret Aardvark Sauce

  • Portland, OR, United States
  • distance: 115 Miles
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I love this stuff!  Ok its mot really super hot, but for the spicy food lover it is about as good as it gets on a Chorizo and egg burrito for breakfast.  And its a company local to me.  Check them out! http://www.secretaardvark.com http://twitter.com/secret_aardvarksmall>