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Coqui Fire - Ultimate Dragon Sauce

  • Peurto Rico
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One of my employees brought me this stuff back from her trip to Puerto Rico.  I was excited to try something I could not buy off the shelf.  It was ranked at Level 15 which is there spiciest.  They also claim there are no Coqui (Frog) parts in it... One Tablespoon in 1 Cup-of-Noodle and I was hurtin for certain!  This stuff is hot.  I think it is delicious but the numbness of my mouth is making it hard to tell.  I call that a win!small>

Secret Aardvark Sauce

  • Portland, OR, United States
  • distance: 115 Miles
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I love this stuff!  Ok its mot really super hot, but for the spicy food lover it is about as good as it gets on a Chorizo and egg burrito for breakfast.  And its a company local to me.  Check them out!>