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Baan Thai

  • Baan Thai
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This is by far the hottest Thai food I have ever had.  Medium and is extra hot, hot is brutal and Extra hot is food challenge hot.  The staff go out of there way to warn you, as they should.  If coughing, hiccups and digestive distress are a good time, this is for you.  Is this a negative review you ask?  No!  II love it!  It is what you want spicy Thai to be.  Great job Baan Thai!small>

M & P Thai

  • 836 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR, United States
  • distance: 166 Miles
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This place was highly rated and highly recommenefed in Newport Oregon so I picked up a menu. First thing I noticed was you could pick spice level from mild to Thai style.  I had heard that Thai style was as hot as you could get it at some places, and at least here it was true!!  To start my wife accidently thought my Thai style drunken noodle was her Pad Thai and she about died.  I can see why, this is not for the lite hearted.  20 minutes later as I write this I am still small>


  • Esan Thai, Southwest 2nd Avenue, Portland, OR, United States
  • distance: 114 Miles
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Great little Thai place that will make it extra extra hot if you ask. The Pineapple fried rice is the best, and is served in a half pineapple. Best spicy Thai food I have had so far in Portland, Or.small>