The Spicy Scale Explained

Everyone’s spicy is a little different.  Some people can drink habanero salsa like its water, and some people get sweaty with a little extra chili powder.  For my part, I can handle the heat, have tried a couple eating challenge rated foods, and for the most part can eat large amounts of pretty spicy food.  With that said, I do like to enjoy my meals so I’m not dumping Ghost Chili sauce on everything I eat either.  In the interest of not leading anyone in the wrong direction I wanted to layout my idea of the rating for the ones I post, and a good guide for the ones you post.  Also I generally try explain the hotness in detail in my comments and would recommend the same for anyone posting.

Kinda Hot (Spicy Level 1)

By virtue of the fact that the point of the site is for spicy food, we are not going to be posting ice cream parlors (unless there some pretty crazy ice cream joints out there) so just about everything is going to have some spice.  I would say “some spice” is a good definition of spicy level 1.  Maybe a store shelf name brand hot salsa, or using a bunch of extra chili powder.  It has a little spice, maybe hot for a spicy amateur, but not really to exciting for the pepper-aficionado.  Could be that the flavor spice combo is so good that it makes the list, or just the overall quality of the food.

Hot (Spicy Level 2)

This is the category for a good solid meal or product.  The average consumer will be sweating and drinking too much water.  The hot boss or pepper pro will be happily enjoying a good hot meal with some burn, maybe a little sweat.  Overall nothing crazy but a good solid place to get some spice. 

Mmm... spicy noodles

Photo courtesy of jeffreyw(CC Attribution)

Extra Hot (Spicy Level 3)

Now we are talking.  This food is hot for the pro and unbearable for the amateur.  Your probably not going to fully enjoy a plate of whatever this is (you might) and you will certainly need some kind of dairy or other remedy to eat with your meal.  Whoever prepared this understands what spicy food is all about.  It could be that Thai restaurant where the waitress laughs at you when you ask for hot and then watches to see if your legit while you are eating it.  Or maybe its that extra hot salsa made by people that understand spicy food and make things for that purpose.  It’s extra hot.


Photo courtesy of VasenkaPhotography(CC Attribution)

Oh My! (Spicy Level 4)

This Level if probably the broadest.  You might not think so but this is really the level where it is a matter of opinion.  My definition is that it starts at the level where every bite burns, and ends at food challenge type stuff.  Crazy hurt you for a day afterwards type stuff.  Now not everything will be like that.  I have a Thai food restaurant ( listed in there and I can eat the entire plate of Pineapple Fried Rice (best in town by far), but I am feeling it while I am doing it, sweating and hurting.  Furthermore, if I take friends they get about five bites in and then start coughing, and sweating and, well you know the rest.

Use the comments section to tell the story, and tell us a little about your choice of spicy level.  Just remember, we are not judging, if its spicy to you, post it! 

March 22, 2015

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