The spicy food in Portland Oregon

Old Town Portland Neon Sign

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Portland has great spicy food, and just great food!

On my path to building, I worked my way around Portland trying some of the best food in town.  Not all of it was hot, but most of it was great food!  Portland is a great place to live for a foodie, and a fun place to live for a spicy food connoisseur.  In a town where it seems we have more food served out of carts than in brick and mortar restaurants, one things is for sure; if someone has a unique idea for good food, they can sell it in Portland!  The barriers to entry are the cost of a cart, a place to put it, a little bit of red tape and most importantly great food.  Some of my favorite restaurants started as carts and success afforded them a restaurant. 

Thank you Portland! 

So thank you Portland!  Thank you for carts that serve nothing but awesome Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and for Brick Mortar restaurants tha sepcialze in delicious Mac and Cheese  And a special thanks for all the places that have found creative ways to make spicy food taste delicious.  Now in the interest of being a good website owner, I am going to go try some new spicy food places and post the listings on

Have fork will travel.

Oh, and when you post all the great spicy food places  around the US (and the world) I just may have to get in a car, train or plane and try them for myself.

Thank you, Team

March 17, 2015

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