We added Hot & Spicy Products for fun!

Making Chili Powder

Photo courtesy of sporkist(CC Attribution)

“Can we add Hot Sauce”

We decided to add a category for spicy products to the site.  I didn’t add it originally because there are so many great sites that specialize in it like and for example.  In fact those are the sites I use to find my hot sauces and spicy products!  However after launching I had a couple of people ask me if they could post some unique spices or hot sauces, and I myself have come across a few Oregon favorites I would like to recognize, so the Hot Products category was born.

Our Main focus is still Spicy Restaurants and Recipes

Homebrew Pepper Sauce

Photo courtesy of J. Chris Vaughan(CC ShareALike)

Our Main focus is still Spicy Restaurants and Recipes, but I may also have to show some love for our local Secret Aardvark Sauce, and this awesome Ghost Chili and Chocolate Seasoning I got from our local Sellwood franchise of the Savory Spice shop  So if you have a crazy awesome hot sauce, or spice you want to give some love to in you City, just choose the Hot Products category.  Otherwise bring us all the Hot and Spicy Recipes and Hot Spots you have found around the United States and quite frankly the World.  I want as many little icons spread across the Google Map on my site as possible! 

March 18, 2015

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